About Us

We are the Yorkshire Three Counties Alliance School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (YTCA SCITT) partnership.


The YTCA SCITT is a teacher training provider across a partnership of schools in Yorkshire (Yorkshire Three Counties Alliance) that was established and accredited in 2014.

It has never been more important for schools to deliver quality teaching and learning that can positively respond to the varied needs of society as a whole. There is also no better time to train to become a teacher. The huge numbers of pathways into teaching are enticing and we are delighted to invite you to begin your journey into a profession that demands much but offers plenty to those who will show us they have what it takes to deliver quality teaching and learning.

The SCITT sets and demonstrates high standards of initial teacher education and has a wealth of experience using Partner Schools that have an excellent record of securing employment for trainees at the end of their training. Every school has a passion for Initial Teacher Training and professional development for teachers. They are in a strong position to deliver a unique experience of professional learning and development, each providing a unique and outstanding experience within the field of educational pedagogy, exemplifying the dynamic nature of learning and teaching today.

Furthermore, another key partner is Sheffield Hallam University who bring their wealth of expertise to the programme and are the provider for the PGCE element of the ITT route to QTS.


School-Centred Initial Teacher Training Programme (Primary/Secondary QTS & PGCE)

On our year long ITT route through which we have now qualified over 100 teachers since 2014, the significant practice-based element works alongside high quality ‘core content’ which supports trainees to engage with educational theory and subject-specific knowledge and pedagogy to create the best possible learning and teaching opportunities for their students. Successful applicants to this route to QTS enjoy an exciting and fulfilling year through the many opportunities and rewarding challenges that the programme offers.


Assessment Only

The Assessment Only route to QTS is for candidates who have substantial teaching experience which enables them to already be able to demonstrate that they meet the Teachers’ Standards at a high level but who do not need the additional training that our ITT route offers.