How do I apply for the course?

You need to apply online on the UCAS website.

Do I have to pass my literacy and numeracy skills tests before I start the programme?

Yes, both skills tests have to be taken and passed.

Do I have to hold a degree in the subject I want to teach?

No, as long as you have adequate qualifications in the subject and a degree in another subject that should be fine.

I have a third degree, would I still be accepted on the programme?

Yes, most probably. We would need to interview you and see all other qualifications to ensure that you fit the criteria.

I can’t find my GCSE/A Level/Degree certificates, do you need to see them?

Yes, we have to check all original documents before you can be accepted on a SCITT programme. Certificates can be ordered from the original awarding body.

Is it my place to apply for any student finance?

Yes, we can’t do that. It is your responsibility.

I have a DBS certificate from another employer do you need to see it?

If you have subscribed to the update service we will need your allocated number so we can check it, otherwise we apply to DBS for you after you have been offered a place on the programme.

I haven’t taught or worked in a school before. Will this hinder my chances of a place?

No, although it would be an asset if you had worked in a school before, it will not stop us offering you a place. The SCITT programme is designed to train you to teach, you could also be asked to undertake a SKE (subject enhancement course) before or whilst you are training.

Will I be able to work whilst training?

Although we can’t tell you not to work, the course is full time and quite intense, so we don’t recommend it.

I am still at University waiting for my degree results, will that stop me being offered a place?

No, if you are working towards a degree that’s fine. As long as you have the certificate before you start on the programme.

Is SCITT salaried?

No, but a lot of the courses come with a bursary which isn’t taxable. We can help with information about this.

Do I have to apply for a bursary?

No, we do that for you.

What is the cost of the course?

The fee for the course is £9150.

When does the SCITT programme start?

The SCITT programme starts at the beginning of the Autumn term and finishes at the end of June/beginning of July the following year.