Our Vision

“The quality of a school system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers!”
(How the world’s best performing school systems come out on top, 2007)

All students in all of our schools have a right to the best education and learning opportunities through being taught by outstanding teachers. Our vision is therefore based on putting the child at the heart of all we do, to ensure the best possible education for young people in Yorkshire schools through our collective passion for Initial Teacher Training.

The YTCA SCITT is designed to improve the quality of teachers entering the profession, to enrich the sector and to deliver a quality of teacher recruitment which will drive forward an enhanced model of school improvement across our Alliance.

We provide a ‘mixed economy’ of training, an opportunity to “grow our own” talent and respond strategically to succession planning across our partnership. We invest in all of our communities across three Yorkshire counties of very different social and economic needs, developing established staff and enhancing the improvement of learning in all partnership schools whilst producing outstanding newly-qualified classroom teachers.

All teachers who train through the Yorkshire Three Counties Alliance School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (YTCA SCITT) route to QTS with PGCE (from Sheffield Hallam University) will become reflective, inspirational and continuously developing practitioners whose impact on learners is significant.

All Trainees are expected to make a positive contribution to pupils’ learning and well-being from the beginning of the course. Through this, pupil and trainee expectations for learning and development are central to the training programme. Our Trainees will work in some of the most exciting and challenging schools, learning first-hand from experienced teachers and trainers. The training programme is the first part of their career professional development; the SCITT partnership will continue to support stimulating and highly effective training during the NQT year and beyond where possible. We strive for excellence through experiential and academic learning and are achieving this in the following ways:

  • Selecting trainees with the potential to be outstanding teachers;
  • Providing a challenging, stimulating and inspirational teacher training programme which is run by expert practitioners from our partnership;
  • Supporting our trainees to work at Masters Level for a PGCE, gaining credits towards Masters degrees;
  • Working with partners and Placement Providers who are committed to providing a warm, welcoming, encouraging and professional learning environment for all;
  • Preparing our trainees for future leadership roles within the teaching profession and education sector.
    Similarly, those that qualify through the Yorkshire Three Counties Alliance Assessment Only Route to QTS are already excellent practitioners who are critically reflective on their practise and show a desire to develop their skills. We do this by:
  • Selecting candidates who are able to demonstrate that they meet the Teachers’ Standards at a high level;
  • Providing opportunities for excellent unqualified teachers in our communities to gain recognition as qualified teachers;
  • Supporting teachers to enhance their own learning, experience and status as professionals to enhance the educational opportunities of their learners

All of this is carried out by highly-skilled professionals with either current or recent experience of being in the classroom. Pastoral care is a priority and we seek to challenge racism, sexism, ageism or homophobia and to remove obstacles facing people with disabilities or from particular socio-economic backgrounds. It is required of everyone in our partnership to reflect these values at all times.